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Aldi secretsDiscounter Aldi has come a long way since first opening its doors in Stechford, Birmingham almost three decades ago. The German grocer emerged to rival the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s, but it wasnt until the financial crisis, that its own-brand model started to gain traction. Back then, a 1 deposit allowed you to borrow a trolley but there were no baskets. The checkout assistants, who had been trained to memorise the price of every item in the store, were so fast that shoppers dubbed the experience Aldi panic – the fear that you cannot pack your goods quickly enough. The store accepted cash but not cheques or cards - itemised receipts were not an option, and chip and pin was off the cards. But its come a long way since 1990, stocking just 600 basic items to now more than 830 stores across the UK and counting. Today, nearly two-thirds of households visit an Aldi or Lidl branch at least once every 12 weeks, according to research firm Kantar Worldpanel. And not just for food,

either. Today, the chain stocks everything from vacuums to pyjamas and candles that have been ranked alongside the likes of Jo Malone. But whats its secret and how can you pick up the best deals? To help you, weve done some scouting to help find all the Aldi secrets you need to know about. 49p vegetables Once a fortnight, Aldi selects seven meats for price reductions and six different fruit and vegetables to sell at just 49p each - known as its Super Six (Image: Getty) Read MoreRelated ArticlesLidl to increase hourly wages for 19,000 staff members in UK German discounter Aldi is renowned for its Specialbuys - when it reduces a handful of trending tech a

nd lifestyle items every Thursday. But did you know it also has a food equ

ivalent - which it announces every other Thursday? The retailer - which specialises in own-brand produce offers super six deals on fresh fruit, vegetables and meat every week. Updated fortnightly, these are the items that will be reduced for the next 14 days - including the weekend. Whats included varies by availability - but often itll be seasonal produce, such as figs for autumn, with all items reduced to either 29p or 59p a pack. Around Christmas, youll also find festive deals such as parsnips, potatoes and carrots reduced to less than 60p. Its meat selection meanwhile includes family packs such as Cajun sausages and Moroccan lamb tagine meal kits - with prices from 1.99 to 3.99. But its first come, first served - so to reap the discounts, its best to get in there early. Get the scoop on Specialbuys The chain even sells designer perfume dupes (

Image: Getty Images Europe) Read MoreTop money storiesMartin Lewis issues new holiday warningPrimark to open 18 new storesPizza Hut is offering 50% off Kids savings to be automatically moved Shoppers can get ahead of Specialbuy deals by downloading the Aldi app (on the Google Play or App Store) and opting for notifications for when Specialbuys go live so you dont forget or miss out. The items themselves launch every Thursday morning at 8am, and every Sunday morning at 10am. Theyre sold on a first-come, first-served basis so youll need to be one of the first through the doors to pick up the discounted item. This can be anything from craft kits, to a Dyson vacuum or pair of trainers - but youll h

ave to be super quick. If anything does get leftover, theres a chance certain Specialbuys will be discounted every four to six weeks depending on store size and stock remaining. Save on plastic Forgotten those plastic bags? Pick up a free box instead (Image: Getty) Read MoreRelated ArticlesNew Aldi Local stores coming as chain reveals plans to double London branches If youve forgotten to bring your own shopping bags, you can save money on plastic buy using Aldis boxes instead. The retailers empty ones are free for the taking, so instead of paying for plastic, fill one up to take to the car instead. Just remember to recycle it when youre done. Get everything delivered home You can pre-order Specialbuy items online (Image: Bloomberg) Read MoreRelated ArticlesAldi shoppers reveal the 21 discontinued products they want back the most If you dont have an Aldi nearby, you can opt for home delivery for free when you spend 20 or more online. For anything under this amount, standard delivery costs 2.95. Ordering online is usually limited to Specialbuy products, so you wont be able to do your grocery shopping - but it does work on Specialbuys, which you can pre-order ahead of time. Aldi h

as a bargain hour The early bird gets the bargain Read MoreRelated ArticlesLidl opens up to 60 stores this year as it invests 15bn in British suppliers Forget yellow stickers, its all about the red labels at Aldi which offer up to 50% off items approaching their expiry. Each store will

start reducing their products at different times, so its all about knowing the routine of your local branch. According to Aldi shopper Leslie Horton, the best time to find these reductions is at 8am in the morning. Turns out going to Aldi at 8am is not only quiet, but a bargain fest too

, she recently explained on Facebook page LatestDeals. Find out all of Leslies secrets, here. Get involved in its secret wine club It really does have a free wine club (Image: Getty Images) Read MoreRelated Articles

Easy ways to save hundreds by spreading the cost of Christmas - if you start now Yes, Aldi has a secret wine club - and it includes free alcohol. Every year, the discounter selects 30 lucky people to taste their wines for free, in exchange for reviews and social media posts. Applications are currently closed for this year, but keep an eye on this page for when it opens again. Look up Aldi has many cost-saving tricks (Image: AFP/Getty Images) Read MoreRelated ArticlesLidl set to launch online delivery

service letting you shop from home Unlike most supermarkets, where the price of the product is located below the item, Aldi usually places its prices above the item. Plus, for top-shelf items, the price is usually found hanging from a bar above your head. So dont get caught out when youre comparing costs in store. But its not all basics - they do posh stuff too If you think Aldi is all about basics, youre wrong. They do some fancy foods too, in a range called Specially Selected. For example, it sells a pack of four Rhubarb, Apple and Cinnamon Fruit Pies for 99p, four Rosemary and Seasalt Focaccia for 99p and a Superseeded Loaf for 79p. Gluten free? No worries The discount supermarket was founded in Germany in 1946 (Image: Getty Images) Read MoreRelated Art

iclesTesco announces shake up of UK branches including Metro, Express and Jacks Free-from foods are now on offer too, following a growing demand from consumers. Brits wanting to avoid dairy or gluten have forked out an extra 230 million on free-from food and drink in the past year - a rise of more than 40% according to The Grocer. But you can find these products for less on the shelves at Aldi. Theres gluten-free pasta, bread, muffins, cookies, crackers, soup, porridge and more. Theres also dairy-free drinks You can also go dairy-free at Aldi without forking out high prices

for cartons of milk alternative

s. It offers soya or almond priced at just 59p, about a third of the price of some cartons of dairy-free drinks.

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