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On Friday, the CDC announced a first in its 13 years of flu monitoring: As of Jan. 6, every part of the continental U.S. showed widespread flu ac【春心荡样打一肖 】ti【老跑狗图2016年91期 】vity. This is the first year we had the entire continental U.S. be the same color on the graph, meaning theres widespread activity in all of the continental U.S. at this point, CDC Influenza Division Dire【管家婆平特藏马图网站 】ctor Dr. Dan Jernig

an said during a briefing on Friday. It is in a lot of places and causing a lot of flu. Heres what you need to know about this years unusually active flu season. Why is flu season so bad this year? Different strains of influenza circulate each year. This 【百万文字论 转跑狗图 】year, influenza A specifically H3N2 is especially prevalent, ac

cording to the CDC. In years with predominantly H3 viruses, according to the CDC, the country tends to see more serious cases of the【福彩3d准香港全图151 】 flu, especially in youn【玄机彩图246 】g children and elderly adults, as well as decreased vacc

ine effectiveness, resulting in more total infections and more hospitalizations. H3 viruses were also behind the severe flu seasons in 2014-2015 and 2012-2013, according to the CDC. Related Stories    【118图库118论118网 】 【3d期期必中特 】  【幸运28最精准算法 】 

【2o17年56期跑狗图 】  【2020年153期另版跑狗图自到更新 】 Health 【新跑狗图新一代 】 【网页嫂索玄机图跑狗图 】  Social Media Helped Juul Dominate the Vaping Market. Now, Teens Are Using It to Help Each Other Quit

【欲钱买中秋佳节打一肖 】      【同步开奖现场报码本港台 】 【2020.40期新跑狗图 】 【香港开奖现场结果直播四 】 【跑狗玄机图2016 143 】 【融创玖樟台业主论坛 】 【东方心经官网手机app 】  Health 【波叔一波中特l43期 】 FDA, CDC Say E. Coli Outbreak is Over   【香港马会资料金财神 】      A separate flu strain, H1N1, has also popped up in some parts of the country, adding even more cases to the tally, the CDC reports. How widespread is the flu this year? Since flu season monitoring began on Oct. 1, roughly 60,000 samples have tested positive for influenza in either clinical or public laboratories, the CDC reports. The hospitalization rate i【管家婆三肖期期准2020 】s currently at 22.7 people per 100,000 U.S. residents. The CDC has called the 2017-2018 flu an epidemic, but notes that it technically meets that designation just about every year. Were at the peak of it now, and well probably see it go below the baseline in several months, Jernigan said【今天开码结果2020 】 during the briefing. So, yes, [were] definitely in an epidemic, but thats happens every ye【红五字谜图库 】ar in the United States and in the Northern Hemisphere with influenza. 【2017年38期玄机图 】  【赛马会9058cc 】 Is the flu vaccine working? The flu shot is tweaked each year in an attempt to target what are projected to be the most prevalent strains of the disease, but the process isnt foolproof. The CDC estimates that the vaccine will be effective against roughly 30% of H3 viruses this year.  That said, the CDC still recommends that you get vaccinated if you havent already, as there could be as many as 13 weeks of flu season still to come. Plu【港京印刷图库(唯一)官网 】s, the shot may protect a【116期马会资料大全 】gainst influenza B str【2020四不像36期 】ains, which typically come out later in the season. Why are people dying from the flu this year? The especially severe H3N2 virus is likely responsible for the 20 pediatric deaths that have been reported in connection with the flu this year. But what about media reports that young, healthy adults are dying from influenza? In rare cases, a flu-weakened immune system becomes susceptible to serious bacterial infections, such as pneumonia, which can in turn lead to complications【5码复式二中二多少组 】 that can turn fatal. Flu, while causing mild disease in a lot of people, can also cause severe disease and death in others, Jernigan said during the briefing. Get our Health Newsletter. Sign up to receive the latest health and science ne【今日香港挂牌彩图1 】ws, plus answers to wellness questions and expert tips. 【天空彩票 特彩吧 】 【四满分均为客服猜一肖 】 【3d最新布衣图库44462 】 【118期管家婆图 】 【l福利传真 】   【香港马会万众118图库 】 【管家婆抓码王a 香港 】  Thank you!  For your security, we've sent a confirmation email to the address you entered. Click the link to confirm your subscription and begin 【2020二生肖新版跑狗图 】receiving our newslett【二四六报神童 资料 】ers. If you don't get the confirmation within 10 minutes, please【老码王一肖中特 】 check your spam folder.   The flu may also exacerbate existing chronic conditions, particularly among older adults, which can lead to complications and death.  What should you do if you have the flu? If you have symptoms including fever, chills, cough, sore throat, runny nose, muscle or body aches, headache and fatigue, you may have the flu, according to the CDC. If you see a doctor within 48 hours of developing these symptoms, you may be able to take antiviral medication【【铁算盘】精准出码表 】s, such as Tamiflu, which may shorten the course o

f the illness and reduce its severity. If youre sick with the flu, the CDC recommends staying home from sc

hool or work for at least 24 hours after your fever subsides. Most people are【八卦玄机网六肖老奇人 】 at peak contag【王牌三肖三码2020 】iousness in the three or four days after becoming sick, according to the CDC, but you may be able to infect others from a day before【2019年113期六和彩资料 】 to seven days after developing symptoms. 【6363天空论坛水果奶奶 】 【118彩图库一站二站三站 】 【们19年115期特码生肖是什么呢 】   How

can you prevent the flu? Getting the flu shot and staying home if youre sick are two of the most important ways to reduce transmission. But the CDC says its also important to wash your hands frequently, cover your mouth when you cough or sne【三肖中特资料大公开 】eze an【1肖复式四肖多少组 】d wipe down surfaces that may have come into contact with contagion, as flu germs can live on them for up to 24 hours. Write to Jamie Ducharme at

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