马会精准规律公式 Sex trafficking and the Super Bowl: The darker side to the biggest game of the year

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With a mill【2020年正宗葡京赌侠诗 】ion party-minded football fans flocking 【2020年55期开奖记录 】to Minneapolis for the Super Bowl - dubbed the biggest trafficking event in the US - dozens of agencies are gearing up to bust criminal networks and rescue victims. Minneapolis police says it is working with 23 law enforcement agencies, patrolling the web to target【118护民图库乖乖 】 peop【2020精品四肖八码19期 】le buying sex online and monitoring hotels f【一肖三中三 】or sex traffi【跑狗图www.400500 】cking. While the anti-s【香港马会12生肖顺序 】lavery【数来算去四二开打一肖 】 group Polaris will be staffing up its anti-trafficking hotline, its chief e【欲钱在田野里找打一肖 】xecutive Br【遇险迫降被狙击打一肖 】adley Myle【3d天天彩图谜 】s cautioned ag

ainst pain

ting the countrys largest sporting event as a sex trafficking magnet. All this is, is a 【246天天好彩玄机每期自动更新 】one-day snapshot into what otherwise is a 365-day problem, he told the Tho【118图库彩图九龙图库乖乖图库 百度 】mson Reuters Foundation. The same traffickers th【2020年076期另版跑狗图 】at a【2020跑狗图115期 】re committin【香港有没有足彩 】g trafficking... durin【平特肖三中二怎么下 】g the Super Bo【黄大仙神算4 】wl, theyre going【管家婆马报资料一点红 】 to wake up in the morning on Monday and do the same thing. Read MoreRelated ArticlesSuper Bowl 2018 commercials steer clear of politics after Donald Trumps interference in NFL season There is a darker side

【香港霸王彩综合资料127期 】to the biggest game in the US sporting calendar (Image: USA Today Spo【试玩游戏 】rts) Big sporting events, from the World Cup to the Olympics, regularly trigger a panic over an influx of sex-trade workers , with many being victims of huma【2020年第二期无错九肖中特 】n trafficking. Arrests of pimps running underage sex rings are repo【香港马会生肖数字 】rted at the National Football Leagues championship game almost every year, with girls being trafficking from as far away as Hawaii to hook up with clients via the Internet, hotels and strip clubs. Some 1.5 million people 【输尽光2020年资料大全 】in the United States are victims of trafficking, mostly for s【跑狗论坛之凌波微步 】exual exploitation. The majority are child【2017新跑狗诗一字解图 】ren, according to a US Senate report published last year. US police ar【2019年112期看图找三肖 】rested about 750 people in nationwide sex-trafficking sting operations ahead of last years Super Bowl, the largest sweep since operations began 13 years earlier. T【神武山水玄机图挖到宝宝 】he Super Bowl is potentially the biggest sex trafficking magnet in the US 【今晚三肖中特四不像图 】(Image: Ge【铁算盘平特心水论坛 】tty Images Europe) Although the attorney general of Texas dubbed the Super Bowl the【二四六l天天好彩 资料 】 single largest human trafficking incident in the Unite

d States in 2011, this is largely a myth, academics and anti-trafficking campaigners said. The commercial sex market grows modestly during Sup【11108马会内部资料中心 】er Bowls, but also during【棉湖八肖王 】 other large

events, from the Las Vegas c【管家婆论坛手机站27735 co 】onsumer electronics show to Memorial Day weekend, said Lauren Martin, a trafficking expe【红姐论坛彩图 】rt at th【最新一期期跑狗玄机图 】e University

of Minnesota. After reviewing 【2017期42期跑狗图 】55 academic papers and more than 100 media stories about prostitutio

n and the Super Bowl, Martin says research points to a likely spike in sex trafficking because 5 to 20 percent of sex workers are trafficking victims. But after the event is over, the levels of activity in the commercial sex market will go back to what they were,

she said, adding more research is needed as it is a relatively new field. With a million party-minded football fans flocking to Minneapolis for the Super Bowl dozens of agencies are gearing up to bust criminal networks and rescue victim

s (Image: USA Today Sports) A【香港正挂彩图挂牌 】rtur Dubrawski found online escort ads proliferated when US cities hosted large public events in his regularly-cited 2016 stud【老奇人四字解特 香港 】y, but recognises some have criticised his approach. Certain researchers questi【管家婆黑白图纸2016 】on the validity of using web advertisem

ent to

size up a citys commercial sex market, the Carnegie Mellon University compute【逍遥谷社区 】r scientist said. The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) is a【t深圳护民图库118图库 】mong the most vocal critics of those who link the Super Bowl with a spike in trafficking, dismissing it as manufactured media hype that seeks to raise funds and attract attention. This is damaging, says the c【全年的香港挂牌资料 】oalition of nonprofits, which campaigns for the rights of se【监月完王中王精准六肖 】x workers, migrants and domestic workers, as well as trafficking s【三十和六打一肖 】urvivors. What is the cost of such rumors? asked Annalee Lepp, an expert in human traffick【49贵宾网资料免费大全网 】ing at Canadas University of Victoria and GAATW 【管家婆彩图大全123.2020年 】board member. There are really harmful effects ... on the v

ery people that everybody is so concerned about. Big sport

ing events such as the Super Bowl regularly trigger a panic over an infl【开奖曰五肖中特 】ux of sex-trade workers, with many being victims of human trafficking (Image: REX/Shutterstock) GAATW says the moral panic over sex trafficking at sporting events wastes resources that are needed elsewhere and increases criminal penalties against sex workers who are displaced i【挂牌杀肖波色官方 香港 】n city clean up efforts. Campaigners are hopeful that officials are starting to recognise traffickin【平特四连肖赔率 】g as a complex, long-term problem. We know sex trafficking occurs, it occurs every day, the City Attorney of Minneapolis, Susan Segal, said at a public brie

fing of lawmakers about the sporting mega event in January. Its going to occur 【2016香港内部透密特马 】well after the Super Bowl has come and gone. This impressed Michelle Guelbart of campaign group ECPAT-USA, who helps businesses stop child se

x trafficking. The conversation is moving in the direction that we want it to, she said.

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