四肖期期准一必三肖一 £45m lottery winner Les Scadding gives nothing to mother of children

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Record-breaking 45million Lottery winner Les Scadding has made his children millionaires but given nothing to their mum - his ex. The devoted dad, 58, starte【扶贫马会资料 】d splashing the cash to set up his son and two daughters for life by handing each an undisclosed seven-figure sum. Jobless mechanic Les【走起路来蹦蹦跳打一肖 】, 68 in the red when he struck it rich, told daughters Lisa, 33, and Nicola, 31, and Royal Marine son Da【2019年第117期东方心经 】niel, 28, about their gift by phone. Their mother Rose-Mari【电视剧天衣无缝免费频 】e Jones, 52, Less f【南奉王打一肖 】ormer wife, was not included in his generosity but she was still thrilled by the gifts to her children. Rose-Marie refused to give details of the sums yesterday when contacted by the Mirror【二四六天好彩正版 香港 】 . She said: Ive told the ch【2020正版跑狗图第48期 】ildren not to tell me how much theyve been given bec【2017年广东传真猜特诗句 】ause it is【管家婆五码中平特 免费 】 their busine【2020老版跑狗图五马中特 】ss. I dont know wheth【布衣图库44462准 】er its 10 or 10 million. But he has made them comfortable. This will take the 【九龙高手心水论坛90888vom 】pressure off them. I gather he phoned them with the news. L【画蛇添足,解一肖 】es vowed it would be a family fortune when he became Britains biggest single lo

tto 【2016年红姐图库大全 】winner with a 45,570,835.50 Eu【谁有2017年新版跑狗图 】roMillions jackpot three weeks ago. Rose-Mari【2016年50期马报资料 】e added: As a father he always looked after the children well and made sure they were OK. He has obviously carried on doing that now, with his good fortune. Its just wonderful Les has taken care of the children. He has ma

de them very happy. It must have made them feel li【郑州东站坐地铁到北三环 】【正弘数码公寓产权 】ke theyd won the lottery. T【2014马会传真 】hey were thrilled to bits. I didnt re【惊蛰过后的蜈蚣打一生肖 】ceive anything but that doesnt bother【官方赛马会资料 】 me at all. Les and I are both happy. Theres certainly no animosi【大红鹰报码聊天室首页 】ty between us and were just getting on with life. Id just like to t【码开石字头打一肖 】【2020年今期新报跑狗玄机图 】hank Les for looking after our children. Its a lovely gesture. I dont think they have thought about what to do with the money yet. They are just so pleased. Les, who【李教授最稳平特一肖 】 has six g【二四六跑狗图 最新版 】rand-ch【六肖王中特一 】ildren, was a 24【马报高手坛 买料卖料 】-year-old mechanic and Rose-Marie was an 18-year-old dental nurse【今期新旧跑狗图2020第84期 】 when they got married aft【246心天天好彩 】er meetin【071期另类跑狗玄机图 】g at a disco. He bought her an 8 wedding ring - 【胶南锦绣城房源 】a pl【2020年50期香港开奖结果手机现场 】ain gold band - and they set up home 【2020真道人全年资料 】together in a one-bedroom rented flat in Bristol. After more 【2020年天空彩票网 】than 25 years together the couple split up nine years ago. No one else was involved then - but both have since remarried. Les, who beat testicular cancer after he was diagnosed five ye【2O18年54期跑狗图 】ars ago, met his second wife Samantha, 38, in his local pub. A p【2020八戒漫画玄机图 】al introduced them. He lost his job last Christmas and had been an unpaid chauffeur for Samantha, who runs a marketing firm from t【双色球2017096期玄机图 】heir terraced home in Caerleon, Gwent. After winning the jackpot he said: Its a huge amount of money. I think anybody would be frightened by it. Everybodys got to be looked after but weve got to take time. Its too much to take in at one go. When buying a house weve an opportunit【今期跑狗玄机图儿 】y to go to the extre【香港挂牌天下彩一肖中特 】me. I thi

nk were in the position where we can do a hell of a lot, not only to enjoy ourselves but for our friends an

d family. If someone asks if 45million is too much just imagine you are the person who has won 45million and tell them its too much. I dont think its too much. Les was not at home yesterday. Now the bad news - ta

xes Less gifts to his children are free of tax - the same as the original lottery win. But the【乞丐救世报每期一句话 】 law says if the father dies within seven years the children will【马报生肖预测四不像图 】 become liable for inheritance tax on a proportion of the money - at 40% If they invest t【2018第八期.新版跑狗图 】h【开奖246天天好彩 香港 】e cash they would be paying t【888150官方正版四不像 】ax on any interest earned from now on. And depending on their personal circumstances they could be liable for other t【2020年66.期跑狗图 】axes such as capita【金多宝论坛-资料中心 】l gains. Because it can be complex they should seek advice from an independent financia【彩民之家高手心水论坛 】l adviser. Im Rich! Daniel Scadding, now 28, Les and Rose-Maries son Im Rich! N【2020年今期东方心经B 】icola, no【香港168手机即时开奖 】w 31, L【专注2020马会免费资料 】es and Rose-Maries daughter Im Rich! Lisa, now 33, Rose-Marie and Less first daughter

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