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A teenager who broke his back after secretly taking his brothers off-road motorbike has vowed never to ride again - and wa【2020今期四不像图 】nts his pals to do the same. Chad Scarah, who has been riding bikes all his li【51级地震一肖中特图 】fe, broke his back in three places and broke his foot in a crash in Greenwood Avenue, north Hull, earlier this week. In【血战到底的动物是什么生肖 】 t【香港高频彩票是真的吗 】he seconds before 【2020年096期新版跑狗 】the crash, he had reportedly seen some girls in a car and started to ride towards 【際打一肖 】them - before suddenly colliding with another vehicle. The 16-year-old has now revealed the extent【香港六合资料开奖直播 】 of his horrifying inj【王中王03113 心水论坛 】uries in a powerful video - and admitted【管家婆每期自动更新平台 】 he still wakes up crying from the nightmares. In the footage, he can be seen with a plastic body brace strapped to his back and a plas【红叶钻石心水论坛 】ter cast over his leg, the Hull Daily Mail reports. Chad has vowed never to ride an off-road motorbike again (Image: Hull Daily Mail / MEN Media) Read MoreRelated ArticlesHero music teacher left paralysed over selfless act which saved cyclists overwhelmed as strangers raise 26,000 to help Struggling to keep himself uprig【小军财运图库018期 】ht as the devastating effect of his injuries take h

old, he tells the camera: I got my brothers motorbike out without【西游玄机图谜语 】 them knowing. Ive gone riding as normal. Ive looked a【跑狗玄机报网址 】t the junction to make sure the person seeing me was in the car, seen me, he was giving【好汉不吃眼前亏猜一肖 】 me

eye contact. Down the road his wheels spinned down in front of me and knocked me off the bike.【跑狗图玄机图144 】 It left me with damage to my neck, my back, and Ill have this pain for 8 weeks. He pauses through the pain, as he continues: Its just a warning to let youngsters or anyone riding 【通天报e963 网站 】not legal or acting daft 【2020年彩库宝典下载 】in the future, to be a bit more careful. Chad took his brother’【六肖三期内必开一期 】s off-road bike, unbeknown to his family, before driving down Gre【一肖一码规律 】enwood Avenue from his home. He says he c【黑白玄机图 】ollided with a red Vauxhall near the junction to Endike Lane. The teenager has now warned his f

riends, w【2020年新政跑狗图 】ho apparently regularly ride off-road bikes in the area, of the horrendous consequences of riding them on busy roads. Chad adm【2020年37期码资料 】itted he was trying to drive towards some girls he saw when the crash happened (Image: Hull Daily Mail 【孔子打一肖 】/ MEN Media) H【曾道人梅花生肖寺 】e told the Hull Daily

Mail: “I saw some girls in a car and rode t

owards them. “I had a look at the junction and the

driver was stopped, b【神财报玄机图 - 百度 】ut next thing I knew I heard the c【百万感恩打一生肖 】ar screeching. And then I was thrown from the b【头戴凤冠高歌唱解平特一肖 】ike.” He added: “I’ve already spoken to my mates and told them to stop. “A lot won’t listen【香港白小一肖中特 】 but as soon as I came arou【香港高清跑狗论坛图纸 】nd my mum told me not to do it ever again. I wouldn’t want to put anyone through that

again. “I broke my back in three【2014年109期的跑狗图 】 places and broke my foot in two places. I’m in a lot of pain at the moment and can’t move properl【四肖中特 开奖日更新 】

y; they’ve had to bring my be【十二生肖歇后语 】【欲钱看李世民打一肖 】d downstairs for me. “I’ve ridden bikes all my life since I was very young, but I’ll never go on them again. When I think about it now it is just a nightmare. Last night I woke up crying thinking about it.” His mum, Vicky Mullins, says she feared the worst when a neighbour knocked on her door to say her son had been hit by the car. “Someone came to my house and said they had seen him off h【旧版跑狗图大全 】is bike in the road,” she said. Chads mum, Vicky Mullins, says hes learned his l【20l9年四肖期期准100住一 】esson (Image: Hull Daily Mail / MEN Media) Read MoreRelated ArticlesMy

princess: Dads heartbreaking tribute to girl, 9, killed in crash on same road where mum and 12-year-old twins also died “I came out and saw him laid out 【香港马会资料绝杀一肖 】in the middle 【繁花落地六肖中特 】of the road, and his bike was on the other side of th

e road. I honestly thought the worst had happened. The ambulance c

ame and took hi

m straight 【香港491彩票网 开奖结果 】to hospital . “He knows it was【香港最快六开彩开奖现场直播视频 】 stupid and he shouldn’t have gone out o【香港赛马会(广州) 】n 【五福之家满地金打一肖 】his brothers bike but he’s alive and he’s learned a lesson from it. “There are a lot of them on their bikes and Chad has warned them. People have said they saw him out doing wheelies earlier but it wasn’t him. It ha【精准平特五连肖 】ppened only just a【2010年96期新跑狗图 】fter he took the bike out, but still he knows that he shouldn’t have done it.” Residents hav【2020年第36期正版资料 】e said they are fed up w【六开彩130期四不像 】ith bikers【跑狗图026期 】 riding fast along Greenwood Avenue most evenings. John Morrison, of Greenwood Avenue said: “They 【多彩堂开奖记录 】just go up and down, up and down virtually every night. I didn’t see the accident yesterday but I’m sadly not that surprised. It’s amazing【2019年第112期我要的四不像哪里有 】 it hadn’t happe【香港六后彩开奖及历史记录 】ned sooner. “I think it’s crazy that people, mostly k【2017白姐正版输尽光 】ids, can just drive down there pulling wheelies along the road. “I know a lot of other people who live around here have complained because at night you can j【太子报 】ust hear those engines roaring near the houses.”

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