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THEIR firs【澳门葡京赌侠诗2014年 新版 】t single comes out today – yet One Direction already have a global fanbase of hysterical teenage girls. Download pre-orders for the track What Makes You Beautiful have smashed all previous records, pushing international superstars such as Beyonc and Katy Perry into the shade. One girl flew 8,000 miles round the world to catch sight of them at an airport. And last week groupies gatecrashed a hotel black-tie gala just for a glimpse of the five boys. Comparisons with Beatlemania are not that far-fetched. All of which h【新六合精选B 】as left the X Factor protegs utterly bemused... but

, frankly, loving it. “We’re fi

ve normal lads, we’re not【2020生肖号码表 】 massively ripped, we don’t have amazing bodies and we freely【管家婆手机论坛27735om一管家婆 】 admit we can’t dance,” says one of the boys, Zayn Malik. “We had a girl who flew from Australia to America on her birthday just to meet us at the airport. Now that’s utter dedication. It’s unbelievable really.” Bandmate Niall Horan adds: “You start to recognise the same girls because they turn up wherever we are, although there have been a few new ones recently. “I’ve noticed a load from France. Maybe it’s their school holidays or something.” As for the comparison with the hysteria that surrounded The Beatles almost 50 years ago, cheeky Harry chips in: “Comparing us to The Bea【中羊狗猪中特奖打一肖 】tles is【2020年生肖玻色五行图 】 ridiculous. We’re not exactly going to be complaining【红姐每期精版资料 】 if we come second to them in the charts...” Since coming third behind Matt C【香港挂牌免费心水论坛 】【跑狗图坛 】ardle and Re【2020生肖图片波色表新 】becca Ferguson on last year’s X Factor, the five previously unknown teenagers – Zayn, Niall, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Liam Payne – have experienced an extraordinary rise to fame. But the fi【神武山水玄机图玩法 】rst thing that strikes me about them when I walked into the interview is that they really are great mates. They have only known each other for just over a year 【78345黄大仙救世网127 】but between questions they constantly try to catch each other’s eye and wind each other up. When I ask w【两梯两户的房子好吗选几层好 】ho is the most popular with the girls, they all point at Harry. He tries to pull 【赛赛狗跑狗解析方法 】a “I don’t know what you’re talking about” face, prompting Louis to【2020年大家发心水论坛 】 say: “I love that face – he pulls it every time this happens. He tries to look as【香港另版跑狗图 】 though he doesn’t know what we’re talking about.【香港博彩快迅(新图) 】” As we prepare for our new “band” photo Louis jokes: “I’m not sure you really fit our image.” (Don’t worry Louis, neither am I!) Despite their boyband looks, the lads say they are determined to shed their cheesy pop image and, like The Beatles, become a group loved by boys as well as girls, adults as well as teenagers. They insist they will only perform tracks they are 100 per cent happy with – even if that means saying “no” to the big boss Simon Cowell. Speaking at Sony’s UK offices in West London where, as usual, scores of girls are camped outside, Zayn says: “If we were asked to perform something that didn’t fit in with what we are trying to do that would be a real problem for us. “Whenever we speak to Simon he tells us to be the band we want to be. He has the final say, but if he as【香港凤凰彩报188期 】ked us to do something we weren’t happy with then we wouldn’t do it. “But we want to show people who are a sim【今期跑狗玄机图今日 】ilar age to us that we are just like them. “We like doing the same things as them. You know, just mucking around and having 【眼睛大的动物猜一肖中特 】a laugh. W【2017第90期跑狗玄机图 】e’re not going to be doing massively choreographed dance routines and start walking around doing air grabs and all that other chees【解码人论坛心水 】y stuff. “That’s going to make it easier for normal kids to relate to us as most people can’t dance and most people aren’t really muscly.” Louis says: “It is so important 【最准原创四肖王论坛 】to us that we are completely real, so if we were asked to do something 【老新跑狗图每期更新 】we didn’t believe in there’s no point in doing i【2020高手解跑狗图 】t because that’s not One Direction, that’s someon

e else. “The w

orst thing anyone could say to us is that our songs are cheesy because the way we act as a group is far

from cheesy – 【朝三暮四打一生肖数字表图 】we are very mischie【十八姑娘打一肖 】vous. “Since The X Factor our support has been very loyal and patient, but we are hoping that now the single is coming out that’s going to broaden the public awareness of who One Direction are. We want to appeal to a different type of person as wel【香港白小特马资料大全 】l.” Harry adds: “Ideally someone would listen to the song on the radio and be like, ‘I really like this song, who’s it by?’, then find out who it’s by and say, ‘oh, that’s really cool’.” Louis – the most outspoken member of the group – admits that he and his mates would never have listened to boybands before he 【六开彩中奖结果2020 】entered The X Fa【七尾中特规律公式 】c【2o03年开奖历史新宝会 】tor. He says: 【2020年正宗白小姐期期准网站 】“Most of my mates and me would usually go out in indie bars and we never normally like mainstream music at all. But they have heard the new single and 【满地图库 】t【年100期 】hey said, ‘oh, I really like your song’, which is a real compliment. “If you look at someone like Olly Murs his target audience would be girls. But someone like Robbie Williams appealed to everyone. He’s a bit of a lad and he has written amazing songs so no matter who you are you’re going to h【本期平特一肖彩图 】ave a good time listening. That’s the kind of idea we’ve had for our alb【管家婆八句箴言诗图资讯 】um.” And despite their rapid rise to fame the boys are determined to remember where they have come from and “keep it real”. Louis adds: “We know we are living th【老夫子布衣图库2 】e dream and I don’t know if it will ever properly sink in. It’s such a dramatic change from what our lives were before and I can’t see it ever getting normal. “When we go home to see f【3d玄机幽默图 】riends, we are around people who aren’t living 【平码一肖一码百度 】the same life as

us, so it’s 【中特猴聪明 】still weird. But if any of us does start to take themselves a bit too seriously they’ll be getting a slap from the rest of the band to keep him in check.” One Direction..on themselves Harry styles 17,from Cheshire LIKES: Laser Quest, Frankie from The Saturdays, impressing girls with his trademark curly locks DISLIKES: Rollercoasters, olives, swearing M【2020葡京赌侠彩图 】OST LIKELY TO: Be the next Robbie Williams, say exactly what he thinks on live TV LEAST LIKELY TO: Straighten his hair FAVOURITE COLOUR: Pink (like his boxers) Zayn Malik 18, from Bradford LIKES: Dancing, scary movies, new trainers, piercings, Megan Fox DISLIKES: Open water(he cant swim), sandwich crusts, pyjamas MOST LIKELY TO: Pout in a photoshoot, challenge you to a 【青岛3号线运行时间 】dance-off LEAST LIKELY TO: Spell-check tweets, keep relationships with female singers a secret FAVOURITE COLOUR: Red Louis tomlinson 19,from Doncaster LIKES: Girls who banter,Jeremy Kyle,sunbathing,Yorkshiretea, E【148期一肖一码是多少 】mma Watson, silly voices DISLIKES: Being unable to tweet on a plane, smoking, being pale MOST LIKELY TO: Host a chatshow, become a comedian, pl【最新澳门葡京赌侠诗 】ay a practical joke LEAST LIKELY TO: Be serious in an 【20l9年112期开码资料 】in

tervie【稳准狠三肖 】w FAVOURITE COLOUR: Purple Liam Payne 18, from Wolverhampton LIKES: Aftershave, surprises, having a pint with his dad, singing in the shower DISLIKES【香港黑马堂一肖中特 】: Spoons (he used to have to drink jelly and cereal out of mugs), flying, nasty t【红五3d图库、永久域名 】weets MOST LIKELY TO: Ask a girl out by singing LEAST LIKELY T【香港出码现场直播z 】O: Be rude to someone FAVOURITE COLOUR: Blue (he loves denim) Niall Horan 17, Westmeath, ireland LIKES: Football, Cheryl Cole, Spanish girls with nice smiles DISLIKES: Clowns, cheesychat-ups, going too long without food【香港开奖结果跑跑狗 】 MOST LIKELY TO: MakeSimon Cowell feel old【跑狗论坛管家婆彩图 】 by calling him Uncle Si LEAST LIKELY TO: Tw eet about rugby, dye his signature blond tresses dark FAVOURITE COLOUR: Ye llow (like his hair)

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