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I very rarely feel smug. In the same way that【246跑狗图2017年066期 】 I only ever get angry enough to kick up a fuss when it later turns out【步步糕升打一生肖 】 that I am entirely in the wrong, I am only smug when it transpires to be unwarranted. But I allowed myself to feel smug when I sorted out a telephone line and broadband over the internet. “That was incredibly easy,” I thought, as I sat back, cup of tea in hand. “All I had to do was choose a date【2019年111期四不像图 】 and book 【2o18六开彩今晚结果 】a morning window. Yes, its a few weeks down the line, but the【黄大仙精准玄机图 】 important thing is youve done it. Youre talking to 【缘来我网平特肖 】yourself, arent you, Gary? Yes, I am.” About a week before the due date, I received an email telling【管家婆彩图123马报 】 me that the engineer would arrive between 8am and 1pm on the day, and strongly recommending that I be at home. This was 80% fine. I was starting wor【137期新版跑狗王中王 】k at 1【78345c0m黄大仙救世报 】2.30pm that day, owing to the vagaries of the production of newspapers – if yo【中特电机 】u 【着意寻春懒便回猜一肖 】are reading this online, newspapers are those things you see spinning around in old films, or cut out and stuck to

the wall by obsessive killers. I had an 80% chance of not being late for work. And over the next few days, I received a succession of emails and tex【地下六仺彩资料生肖版 】ts reminding me of the a【白姐网一句得一肖 】ppoint

ment time, passiv【四弦一声如裂帛打一肖 】e-aggr【七星彩马报玄机图晚上的生肖 】essively giving me “ch【新版高清跑狗玄机报 】ances” t【2017马报全年资料 】o back out, like a needy friend. If

anything, this fuelled my smugness. “They must be very confident of their time of arriva【188跑狗主页小鱼儿二选 】l,” I said to myself, “if they【20丨9年香港挂牌彩图 】 are this insistent. You are needlessly explaining things to yourself again. 【赌王论坛推荐六肖 】Stop it【三人行中的三人指什么生肖 】.” My eyes flashed open at 7.30am on the da

y of destiny. I washed and dressed, m【六开彩开奖结果54期 】ade a cup of tea, and sat down waiting. Id like to say I did it in the lotus position, like【金光佛i论坛111153 】 in Kung Fu, but I cant even decide which way I s【老版横财富 】hould fold my arms. Tea and Biscuits (Image: Getty) The first hour passed. I drained a second cup of tea and chided myself for even imagining that the engineer would have come so early. I still had four hours, and a 75% chance of not being late. The second hour passed. Three hours and a 66% chance of not being late. I drained 【123118图库 】a third cup of tea. Halfway through the third hour, it became quite clear to me, in the m【三地开奖结果今天晚上号码 】ost uncomfortable way possible, that I had drained three cups【118i图库跑狗图 】 of tea. I needed to pay a visit. But I decided to wait, on the basis that the engi【中特玄机料彩图 】neer would 【2016白小姐睇真d 】be there “any minute now”. As the fourth hour ended, I contacted my office, my chances of not being late now almost zero and dependent on my

invention some years hence of a) some sort of teleportation device, and b) a time machine. They were very understanding. I have worked there for some time. Now I was p【王中王管家婆三肖必出特 】acing. Partly out of frustration, mostly because Id left it too long. If I w【香港六和采彩图跑狗图 】ere to pay a visit then, I would have to c【格杀完美六肖的网址 】omplete the task. There could be no backing out partway through the proc

ess if the doorbell rang. And I didnt wa【电信t f图库二区 】nt to ha【新大东方心经b加大版 】ve to chase a van up the road in a state of sartorial【二四六天天好彩资料告诉我可以吗! 】 inelegance. It would be hard enough with my trousers around my waist. The 1pm deadline whooshed past, and I still had no line. I did what a 21st century man does, and slated the telephone com【246新跑狗图 】pany on social media. I likened it t【平码三中三公式算法 】o an unreliable and o【2017第46期资料跑狗图 】ver-promising divorced dad, and said that if it were a dog, it would be a t【香港开奖现场结果直播野兽家禽专区 】errib【美女报码四 】le dog. Eventually the customer services department repl【1861图库118图库论坛 】ied, and I discovered two things. One,【香港6合总彩91论坛 】 that there was an unanticipated problem with some cabling which the engineer only saw on the day. That was fine. I know things go wrong. Id never be able to write a column otherwise. Yes, a phone call might have been nice - if Id actually ha【跑马图玄机图122期 】d a line, obviously - but these things happen. And two, that I was 【一牛九锁打一肖 】NE【2017正版全年铁算盘资料 】VER required to be at home for the duration of th【2018年六开彩114图库 】e work. It would have【2019特马免费资料最准 】 all taken place at th【抓码新招 】e exchange. Even if eve【六开彩星期几开奖 】rything had gone according to plan, I would have been kept und【精准的特网站 】er house arrest, jogging on the spot, for FIVE HOURS for no reason at all. Thi【单数中打一肖 】s is what I get for being smug.

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