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A woman who has racked up 30,000 worth of competition prizes has revealed the secret to her success. Victoria Measures amazing wins inclu【玄机图第四十八期图纸 】de two h【7409葡京赌侠百度 香港 】olidays , two iPads, a smart phone, three Kindles and a 1,000 Laura Ashley voucher. She has also won a pair of Ted Baker shoes, 【一骑红尘打一肖 】a diamond necklace, and 1000 worth【平特肖猴赔多少 】 of beauty products over the years. She began entering contests as a student to save money, but now her winnings amount to the equivalent of more than the average UK salary, 27,300. Remarkably, the 26-year-old 【十有码数又是五猜一肖 】only spends 【免费大公开一肖中特 】a couple of hours a week entering competitions – but has become su

ch a dab hand that she manages to get through hund【欲钱去买跪乳的动物打一生肖 】reds in that time. Read MoreRelated ArticlesHow I won 20,000 entering free competitions Victoria and boyfriend Gavin, who supports her entering competitions (I【神奶二肖必中 】mage: PA Real Life) I only win once every few months, so Ill have entered hundreds before I get something back, said Victoria, who【2020年资大全四不像 】 wor

ks in digital marketing and live【必中福卡图片 】s near Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Its quite addictive. Its so easy to do, I can just enter com【神龙现身二九中打一肖 】petitions from my pho【东方心经娱乐手机版下载 】ne while Im watching TV. Its a bit of a hobby that I can get something back from. Its really exciting when you get that Tweet or email say

ing yo【一肖一碼117期 】uve won. Savvy Victoria has been w【铁算盘看图一码 】inning prizes s

ince 2010. Some of the 1000 worth of beauty products that Victoria has 【马会绝杀一肖一波 香港 】won over the years (Image: PA Real Life) Read MoreRelated ArticlesMark【63期一语中特跑狗图 】s and Spencers new 10 meal deal is being dubbed their best one yet -【2o 5年奥门葡京赌侠 】 and the free bottle of wine is back Then studying tourism business management at University College 【高清跑跑狗图网站 资料 】Birmingham, she read about entering competitions - known as comping - on money-saving forums and decided to give it a go. Devoting an entire day to scouring the internet for suitable options, she didnt 【凌波微步跑狗图官方 】expect much 【51男人味稳杀二肖 】success. But, just a short while later, she received an ema【六开彩开马日期表 】il telling her shed won a smart phone. That was my first 【老跑狗图库老跑狗图库 】ever prize. It was great, she sa【2019期管家婆嬴一句话111期 】id. I never used to think people won these sorts of gi【高手论坛 五不中 】veaways, but I did after just a day. The diamond necklace, worth 700, that Victoria won, in 20【管家婆无线连接盘点机 】14 (Image: PA Real Life) From then, Victor【第29期金码堂跑狗(藏宝图) 】ia starting putting aside a couple of hours every week, so she coul

d scroll the web for competitions. Now she mainly uses Twitter, as you enter 【2015年六和釆特码资料曾道人 】simply by retweeting, making it【香港挂牌高清跑狗图 】 possi【114期四肖8码 】ble to submit hundreds of entries in a short spac

e of time. Read MoreRelated ArticlesCheap a【预测重庆时时开奖记录 】lternative holiday destinations for an unforgettable【131期一肖必中四不像图 】 family holiday She also recommends looking on Fridays as thats when a lot of companies run giveaways, and setting up a separate ema【香港彩富网最快报码室开奖结果直播现场 】il address solely dedicated to comping. I just go on Twitter and search #RTwin. Thousands of people enter though, so youre up against a lot of competition, she explained. In the pa【马会宝典脑筋急转弯 】st, Ive entered a couple wh【香港马会开奖天线宝宝 】ere you

have to complete a task. I won a Laura Ashley voucher by writing about how Id use their pro【欲钱买天上动物打一肖 】ducts to turn my spare room into a dressing room. A lot of people cant be bothered to enter the task comps, so you have a greater chance of winning if you do. One of two iPads Victoria has won taking【创富心水论坛规律 】 part in competitions 【118特马图库 】(Image: PA Real Life) Over the【2020正版跑狗图60期 】 years, Victoria estimates shes won 30,000 worth of prizes. She used to keep a spreadsheet to track her winn【管家婆辉煌版最新开奖 】ings, but has now given it up. She continued: Some of the best th【香港开奖现场直播结里 】ings Ive won are all expenses paid trips to London and the Lak【2020正版生肖波色 】e District. Id love to win a break abroad, though. I 【tk345 cc天空彩票与你 】think thats what most compers aim for. I only enter giveaways where Id actually want the prize, or know somebody I coul【新版跑狗图2020年3期 】d give it to, otherwise its a waste of time. Ive won some pretty odd things, too, like a box of coat hangers which I gave to charity, and some weird vegetable smoothies. A pair of designe【118期白小姐正版四不像 】r Ted Baker shoes that Victoria won in 2014 (Image: PA Real Life) Impressed by her success, some of Victorias friends have now given comping a go. Mainly using social media to enter, a few of them have managed to take home prizes. Her travel agent boyfriend Gavin Shury, 3【尾数中特验证纪录 】2, is also supportive and helps her to find giveaways. Victoria enjoying an afternoon at a Hilton hotel in Westminster, London, in 2014 (Image: PA Real Life) I was a bit embarrassed to tell him when we first started seeing each other. I worried hed t

hink it was 【2020高清跑狗图 66期 】sad o

r weird, said Victoria, who blogs about her hauls. He loves it, though. He can enjoy the prizes too, if theyre di【118图库彩图玄机图34期 】nners or trips out. He doesnt know anyone else w【六合直通车b 2010年12月 】ho does it. 【3d字谜彩图总汇二 】I dont think hed get 【2019年第115期跑狗图打一生肖 】into it himself,【六台宝典管家婆 】 but hell help me find things to enter. Visit Victorias blog at

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