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Shes put duty first each and every day of her reign and yesterday was no exception as the Queen marked her historic Diamond Jubilee watching a school play. Crowds gathered to pay their respects as Elizabeth II – who joins Queen Victoria as Britain’s 【六开彩现场开奖34909 】second monarch to reach 60 years on the throne – went out for a morning of engagemen【至尊六肖 】ts. 【玄码阁金码心水论坛 】The main Jubilee cel

ebrations will begin on June 2 – the 59th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation – but yesterday was exactly 60 【平特四肖拖是什么意思 】years after she first lear【2019年118期平特藏码图 】ned her reign had begun. It is a bittersweet day for the 85-year-old Qu【各正言顺足中特 】een as it also marks【2020年42期的跑狗图 】 the anniversary of the death

of her father King George VI, so she usually spends it in private. The last time she was seen on February 6 was 10 years ago when she opened a 1.2million cancer unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. But, having yesterday renewed the pledge she made at th【四三胜出五欢喜打一肖 】e age of 21 to dedicate her life to serving Britain, the Queen 【红姐统一真正图库 】was beaming as she arrived in the same town, n【六开彩怎么理赔 】ear her home of Sandringham. The picture of elegance in a turquoise wool dress with matching hat and coat by des【跑狗红字成语 大全 】igner Angel【2017一134期新版跑狗图 】a Kelly and a diamond and pearl she【旗鼓相当猜一肖 】ll brooch that belonged to her la【香港赛马会杀码区 】te mother, she waved to the crowds. At the town hall, the Mayor of King’s Lynn Colin Sampson said: “For 60 years your Majesty has given dedicated and exemplary service to the people of this country and the commonwea【台湾全年九肖中特 】lth.” She then 【香香合彩特码直播 】viewed a selection of items from the town’s archives, including, poignantly, the certificate of her father’s birth, before being presented with a bouquet by nine-year-old Rosie Muspratt. She then made the short trip to Dersingham Infant and Nursery School where 130 pupils aged three to seven were brimming over with excitement and headteacher Gayle 【2017年45期管家婆彩图 】Platt guide【34123香港赛马会 】d her on a school tour full of surprises – including a room decorated with knickers. Nursery children had covered their ceiling with un【跑狗图玄机图更新今天 】derwear inspired by children’s picture book, The Queen’s Knickers by Nicholas Allan, and a “Royal【六和彩香港挂牌彩图 】 Laundry” was also in full operation with pairs of bloomers hanging on a【今晚平特一肖鸡是什么意思 】 washing line. Teacher Carole Crane said afterwards: “The Queen came in and said, ‘Oh, they’re doing the washing…’ The little ones don’t really know who the Queen is, so it (th【香港五分彩平台开奖结果 】e book) was to give the

m an idea. (Image: Daily Mirror【6789kj 】) “We did check it was alright but 【全年资料萄京东赌侠 】they’ve obviously see【134期解跑狗图 】n it before. Though we wer

e advised that the children didn’t ne

ed to be asking what pair she was wearing today.” Isaac Minns, three, couldn’t resist clowning around for his VIP visitor as she watched a 15-min【2017新跑狗图150期 】ute play inspired by her reign against a backdrop of photographs, drawings and collages of her life. She grinned as children danced to The Rocky Horror Show song Time Warp be【老奇人精准六肖期期准官方 】fore presenting her with gifts including a scrapbook, fl【2017年44期玄机图 】owers and a lightcatcher. Ella Tuc【2020年跑狗新报吧129期 】kwood, six, said: “I was a bit nervous because I did【香港正版天空彩 】n’t know if I was

going to s【24码六肖中特期期准 】ay my lines correctly, but I did in the end. The Queen is pretty. She was smiling so I could tell she was enjoying the pla【跑狗图61期解图 】y. Today is also sad because her dad died and she became Queen.” Mrs Plat

t said: “We’ve made the day a big occasion for the children that will continue now the Queen’s gone.” As the Queen

left to cheers, gun salutes went off at noon around the country. Traditional 【马报2020年资料144 】41 and 62-gun salutes【看图解码一玄机图33 】 to mark accession day were fired at Hyde Park and the Tower of London as we【新版跑狗图2017年31期 】ll as 21-gun salutes from Edinburgh Castle and by the Royal Navy at Portsmouth Harbour. The main Diamond Ju【新跑狗图2020年第23期 】bilee celebrati【2020年国庆阅兵资料 】ons will take place in June with a pageant down the Riv【老版跑狗图100期 】er Thames, a pop concert in Buckingham Palace, street parties and a “【新版跑狗图2017年48期 】Big Jubilee Lunch”

for the nation to enjoy. So what do we think the Queen does, children..? They spent the morning performing for their VIP 【黄大仙救世报彩图灵码1 】visitor, 【王中王救世网跑狗图2o|8年 】but the Dersingham Infant an【下载四不像生肖 】d Nursery Sc【家中之物打一肖 】hool pupils had some unusual ideas about what the Queen does: She does gardening. She might go on horse races or she might ride one o【2O18平特一肖 】f her horses.” ELLA TUCKWOOD, 6, “I think she goes to Sandringh【戏台上打架不知真假打一生肖 】am and walks round in

the woods.” MADDISON NEIL, 5 “She’s the boss of most of the countr【今晚期免费公开 】【7343铁算盘专家885528 】y. And she has her party of her friends at Sandringham.” NIAMH WARD, 5 “I think Kate and probably Prince William will go to the party. I think the Qu【香港马会资料118图库彩图 】een sits in her throne and does her work【2020今晚特马号是多少 】 and eats lunch and everything.” ELISE BARBER, 5 “Plays with her horses. T【管家婆的天线宝宝 】ax everyone.” JACK BOULDERSTONE, 7 “She visits the world. She sees if there’s anything going on【老版跑狗2020一079 】 and she goes to it.” HANNAH DESBOROUGH, 7 “She goes visiting every single world.” LILLY MCALPINE, 4 “She tells everyone to stop

fighting when they’re fighting.” CAITLYNN SIMMONDS, 5

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