二四六八十是什么成语 _Around 40 feared dead in Oakland nightclub fire as rave organiser blasted for 'insensitive' Facebook post

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The man behind a nightclub rave that went up in flames on Friday 【福马堂一肖中平特 】night killi【今期清高跑狗图2020弟10期 】ng up to 40 people has been blasted for an in

sensitive and selfish Facebook post hou【六开彩网站2020 】rs after the blaze. Derik Ion Almena, who operates the Ghost Ship club at the warehouse in California, was【香港马会天线宝宝abcd版 】 heavily criticised for focusing on his own plight when dozens are still unaccounted for. Fire crews have found the bodies of 10 people and significantly more are expected to turn up. He wrote: Confirmed. Everything I worked so hard for is gone. Blessed that my children and Micah were at a hotel safe and sound… it’s as if I have awoken 【慈善救世网 】from a dream filled with opulence and hope… to be standing now in poverty of self wo

rth. The po【九龙挂牌图库 】st sparked outrage on social media. Joyce Makar wrote: I hope your heart changes after you read posts from people that are exposing your 【忠生最是招人谦打一肖 】narcissism. Such a shame is your post. Shame on you. Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video wi

ll start in8CancelPlay now Derick Ion Almena, the operator of the Ghost Ship club (Image: Facebook) Derek Ion Almenas Facebook post (Image: Facebook) Derek Ion Almena (Image: Facebook) (Image: Sky news) Alexander Dore said: I now realise how utterly selfish [Dereks] comments are. Im appalled at how callous he has reacted. The deaths these poor young adults suffered being burned alive is beyond my imagination. It was not just death but a horrendous death for maybe 40 kids living out their dreams. The burnt out wreckage of the warehouse (Image: Xinhua / Barcroft Media) The “Ghost Ship” was under investigation by city building inspectors just weeks ago amid reports of blight and illegal structures inside, according to the East Bay Times. The building had no sprinklers or fire alarms, a few fire extinguishers and only two known exits, officials said Saturday. Fire chief gives updates on the situation (Image: Splash News) A young woman is overcome with emotion (Image: Splash News) The Oakland Planning and Building Department said the organise

rs of the event should have requested a special permit for Saturday nights rave, but they did not. Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay now Nine people have been confirmed dead and around 40 more remain unaccounted for. Dozens of clubbers were feared trapped in the blaze (Image: @OaklandFireLive/Twitter) Oak【正版无错九肖 】land nightclub fire: Dozens of clubbers feared trapped in blaze at ‘Rave Cave’ (Image: Darin Marshall/Facebook) On Saturday sergeant Ray Kelly,【香港曾道人公司官方网站 】 fr【跑狗图论坛高手榜 】om the Alameda County Sher【牛派系列5 】iffs office, told reporters: We have recovered nine victims at this point. Those victims have been transporte

d from the scene to our coroners bureau. The identification process has begun with those victims. We are rushing their fingerprints to identify them and then notify family members as we get those identifications. The enormous blaze took almost 【小青年六肖实战记录 】five hours to bring under control (Image: Twitter/@seungylee14) City and Al

ameda County officials said they expected the death toll to climb once the burned-out ruins of the two-story building were shored up and recovery teams were able to safely e【二四六天天好彩头近期结果 】nter the structure. We know there are bodies that are in there that we cant get to, that have been seen but not r【齐齐发中特 】ecovered, said Kelly. So were going to continue working through the n【2的2020次方减一是多少 】ight.【2017新报跑狗图51期 】 Weve brought lights. We are going to flood this place with light as much as we can. But nighttime operations are going to slow us down a littl【41期必中一肖跑狗图 】e bit. So, we have to move slowly. Read MoreRelated ArticlesOakland ni

ghtclub rave venue was being investigated BEFORE fire which killed clubbers - as 4【今天晚上5欺四不像图 】0 feared dead The news came as worried friends and family of victims began sharing a Google document spreadsheet in a desperate bid to trace their loved ones. A spreadsheet is being shared online for people to update with information on the missing Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay now Some people have no idea if their friends were actually there. Fire chief Teresa Delo【2013年全年东方心经 】che-Reed said: Of those indiv【花样年华打一个生肖 】iduals, we dont know if any of them went som【奇人阅码八码中特 】eplace else, self-transported to the hospital, we just don

t know that at this time. Firefighters work at the scene of a warehouse fire after daybreak (Image: EPA) So, right now we have, as mentioned, the nine fatalities and【美女六肖6780999一 】 we are going to continue to 【1o5期玄机图 】search the rest of the structure. Right now, the【九五至尊一肖一码 】res limited access to 【2016.12.15香港赛马会 】the structure, but its too unsafe and not only 【错综复杂意思 】that, theres a lot of heavy wood from when the roo【原创单双各四肖 】f came in thats gonna have to be removed. So its going to take us a while to 【068期四不像必中一肖 】finish up the search. The fire broke out at about 11.30pm on Friday night local time - it and took

almost five hours for firefighters to bring it under control. Chelsea Faith Dolan (Image: facebook) Griffin Sean Madden (Image: FACEBOOK) Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to pla

yTap to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay now The event featured musicia【彩霸王论坛一肖中特 】n Golden Donna’s ‘100% Silk’ West Coast tour. The DJ - real na【四不像必中一肖011 】me Joel Shanahan - survived the fire. A post on Facebo【狗拖龙二中二多少组 】ok said: Joel is safe but like many people he is heartbroke【今期特开什么 】n and has several friends among the missing. Please refrain from messaging this page or Joels personal channels unless you have【欲钱找县令打一肖 】 information on the Oakland fire victims. Sending love to everyone affected by this horrific event. Read MoreRelated ArticlesOakland nightclub fire【019期四不像图片 】: At least 9 clubbers dead and 25 missing in enormous blaze at ‘Rave Cave’ Peter Wadsworth (Image: fACEBOOK) THOMAS MADDEN (Image: Facebook) Fire chief Teresa Deloche-Reed said: We still have to do a more thorough search of the building and we don’t know the potential number of other victims. This is a true loss for 【年150期金太跑狗图 】the city, for the firefighters who responded, and the peop【100元四肖中特多少钱 】le wh【本港台自动刷新报码 】o lost family and frien【飞艇的开奖记录 】

d. Its just tragic, a real tragedy, she added. Arson investigators will be called to the scene. Survivor Bob Mule, w【六开彩2020年96期 】ho lives i

n the same building, told the newspaper: It was too hot, too much smoke, I had to get out of there. I 【天线宝宝一码三中三资料 】literally felt m【2017六开彩羊是多少号 】y skin peeling and my lungs 【今天马资料免费 】being suffocated by smoke. I couldn’t get the fire extinguisher to work. Jo【网站首页利民才网 】nathan Bernbaum (Image: Facebook) Jason Adrian McCarty (Image: Facebook) He said he could see someone calling for help from second floor window and tried to get a ladder but

they jumped out the window. Battalion chief Lisa Baker said crews found flames on three sides of the build【2020年交城二手房屋出售 】ing. Firefighters were inside doing an

aggressive attack when conditions changed and they were forced to go back outs【开码日期表2020资料 】ide. The fire had not been officially declared under control as of 4.20am local time. There were still report【东风心经彩报马报图 】s of smoke coming from an upper floor of the buildings. Revellers are posting photos desperately searching for missing friends 【下载六开彩视频软件 】and loved ones. David T Cline (Image: Facebook) Jason Adrian McCarty (Image: Facebook) Eveline Darroch wrote: “Hi, I am here with the fire inspector going through the list of missing names of missing/safe. At this point there are several threads. I am requesting that you only post in this thread their name and missing or safe next to it. She said police are requesting photos and names of the missing with detailed description in order to identify them. Cash Askew (Image: 【原创资料五肖网站 】Facebook) Micah Danemayer (Image: FACEBOOK) Denim Decades wrote: “My brother Griffin is there please is he safe.” Lana Voronina posted: “They are still trying to put out the fire【一尽尽在跑狗论坛 】. no communication or sight of people who might still be in there. Waiting here with a group in the parking lot. Its confusing and chaotic.” Johnny Igaz (Image: Faceboo【跑狗图www.31443.COm 】k) Over $40,000 has been raised for victims of the fire by American fo【平肖五肖带猴赔多少倍 】otball team the Oakland Raiders.

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