三肖必中 'Frantic Friday' as millions of Brits hit the roads and airports for holidays

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The school summer holidays are set to kick off in traditional British s【2015年六合全年资料大全正版 】ummer style - with rain, grey skies, and long queues. Light rain across parts of England and heavier downpours in the south of Wales will put a dampener【0新版跑狗图140期 】 on the school holidays kick-off for Brits on stay-cation. But those staying at hom

e ov【今日马报图2020 】er what looks set to be a grim weekend will soon be rewarded. Temperatures are forecast to hit 31C next week. And the millions flocking to the airports as school breaks for the summer are in for even hotter temperatures, as forecasters predict Europe is set for another baking heatwave in coming days. A fuel spill on the M5 in Somerset has been causing delays on one of the busiest days of t【土豪财神四不像论坛 】he year Read【涂字打一肖 】 MoreRelated ArticlesBillions of flying ants swarming over UK 【19年112期四不像图片 】spotted in satellite images from space Weather across the 【香港2016年理财婆图库 】UK is looking gloomy for the start of the holidays Read MoreRelated ArticlesBenidorm waterpark clai【大刀皇正版新2017年 】ms paralysed Brit didnt follow the rules of ride Motorists are being warned queues of up to 90 minutes are expected on the most popular routes today as fa【2017年每期七肖生肖 】milies hit 【二四六夫天好彩 综合查询 】the roads to head off on their summer breaks. Travel misery has【马报九州大帝 】 already struck the M5 in Some【神算30码必中 】rset this morning, where a fuel spill forced an eight-mile-long northbound stretch of the motorway to be close【小鱼儿姐妹玄机9911 】d on one of the busiest days on the roads of the year. ROADS The spill was caused by 【铁算盘2016年133 】a broken down diesel

truck Read MoreRelated ArticlesUK weather forecast: Warning as monster thunderstorms hit ahead of 31C heatwave The RAC is warning drivers to brace themselves for the busiest summer getaway since 2014 with 【香港马会彩经2020年 】an estimated 13.4 million separate summer getaway trips planned this weekend. About 5.3 million drivers are expected to hit the road after school breaks up for the

summer late this afternoon. Piled 【91期的跑狗图 】on top of the usual Friday rush, motorists can expect long queues after school term ends with peak traffic expected at around 4.30pm on the M25 between junctions 7 and 16. A Highways England campaign is urging drivers to check their cars thoroughly and fill up with gas before they head off on holiday, as breakdowns blocking lanes will cause hours of frustration on the roads. School summer holiday delays are being predicted for the most popular routes, between midday and 6.45pm. A【曾道人致富财经报图 】nd waiting until Saturday is unlikely to ease the pain of heavy congesti【买马软件下载 】on. Another 5 million holidaymakers are expected to hit the road tomorrow. Transport analysts say the M1 and M25 are likely to be the worst affected - with queues stretching upward of 90 minutes. Holidaymakers ea

ger to dodge the traffic jams are being recommended to depart after 8pm on most routes, when data analysts predict the roads will be less busy. The M1 is expected to see queues of up to 90 minutes, and M25 drivers could sit in jams a【中特网资讯站1518hk 】s long as an hour when traffic peaks this afternoon around 4.30pm. The M5 was closed northbound after eight-mile oil spill Traffic data experts INRIX are also forecasting significant queues on the M40, M5 and M6 this evening and into the weekend. The forecast is for queues of around 90 mi【年002期新版跑狗 】nutes for most of today on the M1 south J16 Northampton to J6 Nor【春雨贵取金打一肖 】th W

atford, hopefully easing up by 8pm. The worst-affected stretch of the M25 【113期十二码中特 】is likely to be the anticlockwise J4 Bromley to J1 Sw【2020年第43期四不像玄机图 】anscombe/Dartford, with delays of nearly an hour from 2.45pm, when average traffic speeds are expected to crawl down to 7mph. Part of the M5 has been closed northbound this morning after an eight-mile oil spill Traffic was diverted onto the A38 following the diesel spill【11108con管家婆 】 in Somerset Read MoreRelated ArticlesWoman refuses to trim overgrown bush outside her home despite facing 400 fine Meanwhile, a fuel spill has been wreaking havoc along an eight-mile stretch of the M5 in Somerset this morning, forcing authorities to temporarily close the northbound section of the mot【04949本港台直播1开奖的 】orway. The diesel spillage f【香港赛马会赛马 】rom a broken down vehicle is 【香赛马会电话 】causing traffic to queue on the motorway as clean-up crews work on getting the motorway back in action. The spill stretches from Junction 26 for the A38 (Wellington) to Junc【两码中特资料 】tion 25 for the A358 (Taunton). A diversion is underway via the A38, and the moto【2017年45期新板跑狗图 】rway【香港赛马会009 】 is hoped to return to normal by 10.30-10.45am. TRAINS The railway stati【藏宝图与跑狗 】ons will be busy today with families travelling for the school holidays (Image: PA) Read MoreRelated ArticlesRussia fires cold weather air defence missiles i【香港第117期特码 】n Arctic for the first time It will busy at the railway stations as many families will head for the trains in a bid to beat the road traffic. Virgins England-Scotland journeys are likely to be delayed and stretch out longer than usual from tomorrow due to engineering works. A

16-day project starting tomorrow will cause trains【八门各一套打一肖 】 between London Euston and Glasgow Central to be diverted via Manchester, with the usual 4.5-hour journey time extended by an hour. The Network Rail upgrade project at Acton Grange junction will disrupt the Virgin services from tomorrow until Sunday August 4, with services to Blackpool cancelled throughout the project. FLIGHTS Ryanair strikes coul【网络高手 凌波微步 专解跑狗图 】d be on the cards later in the summer holidays (Image: Daily Record) Read MoreRelated ArticlesMonster jellyfish invasion fears after 8ft long beast spotted in British waters Ryanair passengers heading to the airport today may be feeling anxious, as the threat

of strikes looms over their trips home. The airlines pilots are set to to vote on whether to take strike action this summer in a new ballot. If members of the British Airline Pilots As【051资料四不像玄机图 】sociation do decide to proceed with industrial action, it is likely to take place in August. So holidaymakers jetting off today wi

th the airline should get away on time - but anyone with flights booked to and from the UK next month will need to stay tuned. The ballots c【2019年高清跑狗图玄机图111期 】lose on August 7, when the results will be revealed. If the union members do vote in favour of strike action, then it is likely to coincide with the summer school holidays. UK WEATHER The first weekend of the holidays will be gloomy for much of England and Wales (file photo) (Image: PA) Read MoreRelated ArticlesHow to dress for the summer heat when you work in a【号码波色生肖 】 freezing cold air con office A rainy start to the summer holidays for much of England a【六信跑狗图解料 高清 】nd Wales will g【刘伯温料精选四肖 】ive way to a scorcher next week, as anoth【2017六开彩图第八期 】er heatwave is on the horizon. The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for South Wales t【2018年体彩36选7开奖记录 】his morning as thunderstorms and heavy rain hit Britain ahead of the scorching 31C h【2020年五肖期期准 】eatwave predicted for next week. The weather alert【2014年彩图100 】 covers south Wales and【跑狗图专题解析 】 is in force between 5am and 10am today with fur

ther rainfall and thunderstorms expected in other parts of the UK. Drivers will need to take care on the roads, with heavy downpours in north, north-west, north-east, east, central, south and south-west England today. Beach goers enjoying last months heatwave in Bournemouth (Image: SWNS) Re【杭州马会俱乐部微信号 】ad MoreRelated ArticlesWater firms forced to cut bills by 50 each and invest billions in services Elsewhere in the UK today, conditions are cloudy with some light rain. Temperatures will peak at 21C in Manchester, with lows of 12C in north Scotland today. Throughout today the showers covering the south are forecast to spread northeast to all but northern Scotland where it shou

ld remain bright with isolated showers. The skies should become brighter for many with heavy showers this afternoon, but further rain is expected south later, and by tonight the rain should spread across south and southeast England. The rains should clear by morning, but is likely to linger across parts of the northwest. Further thunderstorms and showers are expected tomorrow, however things will turn bright and dry on Sunday as a summer heatwave grips the UK. The Met Office has predicted highs of 27C on Monday and【老彩民心水论坛欢迎您 】 31C on Tuesday. EUROPE WEATHER Europe is set for yet another heatwave next week Pri【开奖记录完整版 】de revellers in Paris get a hosing day dur

ing last months baking European heatwave (Image: AFP/Getty Images) Read MoreTop news stories from Mirror OnlineSnow causes treacherous conditionsBritain to rescue trapped UK citizensMiracle tot saved despite heart stoppingKobe helicopter given special clearance Some experts are predicting next month could be【十一选5通杀一码准确 】 the hottest on record. Holidaymakers heading for Europe will need to pack their suncream is due to get its se

cond heatwave in four weeks. Sweltering air from the tropics is forecast to bring highs of 40C to the continent. Europe has already seen record temperat

ures during last months African heat plume also felt in the UK, which sent【横财富463333心水论坛 】 the mercury in France skyrocketing to 45.6C. The Express reports French meteorologists are forecasting climbing tempe【2020在二四六图片玄机 】ratures this weekend, with most places set to bask in heat of around 35C by Tuesday. France, Germany, Austria, the Netherl【美女江山一起得猜一肖 】ands, Portugal, Spain and the UK are most likely to feel the heatwave.

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