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If you’re a big bloke, you’ll probably think you don’t need to read this. Even if yo

u’re a smaller bloke, I expect you’ll feel the same. Rape is se【彩霸王一句赢钱诀 】en as a woman’s p

roblem, even though 9,000 men are raped in the UK every year and 1 in 6 boys has unwanted sexual attention before they even turn 16. Then again, perhaps you don’t think you need to read it because you’re a woman who doesn’t walk the streets late at night, never drinks a little too much, or is confident you can outrun or outwit a【天天开彩 944cc 246天 】 sex attacker【复式四肖计算公式表 】. Perhaps you think you’re among the many millions of British women who’ll never be sexually assaulted, rather【北京3在线计划 】 than the 400,000 who are every year or the 80,000 or so who are raped. Perhaps you don’t mind the fact only 15,000 of these rapes get reported, that only 3,000 cases go to court, and only 1,000 rapists get convicted every year. Perhaps you don’t mind that means there’s a total of 243 rapes every day in the UK and 241【高手论坛877877 】 of them get away with it. The chances are most of us will never be raped. But we’ve all had【2017年53全年跑狗图 】 unwelcome sexual attention – we’ve all had to tell someon【买马资料跑狗图 】e no. Usually that’s where it ends. But what if it didn’t? Attacker: Mark Willis was knocked out 【跑狗图红姐论坛 】cold after attacking a woman 【2015全年绝杀三肖 】(Image: GNS) What if he followed you home? What if your drink was spiked? What if there was a weapon? Doesn’t

matter how big, blokey or ballsy you are then. What if it was a family member

, or a friend, or your partner, as most rapists are? You don’t need to be on the streets for them to find you. What if someone came up behind you on the street, punched you in the head, threw you over a garden wall and c

arried on hitting you while 【玉树隆宝镇赛马会 】ripping you

r clothes off? For one woman tha【香港正版挂牌m 1187 cc 】t’s exactly what happened, after she was spotted by sex attacker Mark Willis on her way home late last A【欲钱买三头六臂打一肖 】ugust in Cheltenham. Now, most sex attack victims are shocked for the first few seconds. 【生财有道图库手机看图专区 】Then some fight, and others freeze. All feel their li【95期跑狗图群 】fe is at risk, and do what they think it will take to preserve it【2017年期期必中特一肖 】. This woman was different. Willis, 39, of Churchdown, Gloucester, told her: “Be quiet and do a【2020年沈阳七中划片小区 】s you’re told 【老奇人王中王不像 】and you won’t get hurt.” She told him “Go f*** yourself” then tr【南风窗高清新版跑狗图2020 】ied to break hi【跑狗图38期2020 】s arm. Read MoreRelated ArticlesSex predator knocked out after pouncing on woman kickboxer who said go f*** yourself before throttling him She was a kickboxer who had also learned some self defence moves, and tried an armlock where the victim pulls an【13334 】 attacker’s arm straight, then uses pressure on the back of the elbow to bend it inside out. She said: “The intention is to send the elbow in the wrong direction and cause extreme pain or a break. I was not able to do that. I think he figured out what I was trying to do because he managed to wriggle free and he hit me again repeatedly in the face.” Desp

ite being punched in the head a dozen times and being half【白小姐开奖记录2012 】-stunned, the woman managed to lift her legs over Willis’ sho【波色记忆 】ulders and use them to squeeze his throat until he passed out. He was out for only a minute, but it was long enough for her t【百小组期期准 】o get to a house. DNA linked him to the crime, and he’s been remanded in custody for sentencing. The woman said she was glad she could bring him to justice. Perhaps as a result, she says she has no lasting emotional trauma. But how many of us could do that? I’ve never done kickboxing. I don’t know how to over-extend an【个人心水王中王资料 】 attacker’s elbow. Some of us carry our keys as a weap【金算子高手心水论坛 】on when we walk late at night. Some take our drinks to the loo when we’re out. Pretty much all of us think it will never happe【2017澳门赛马会时间表 】n to us. And the statistics show that, if it does, most won’t tell the police, won’t go through the physical trauma of intimate examinations, won’t go on the witness stand, and for entirely understandable reasons we’ll let 241 men get away with it. Every. Single. Day. There’s a lot to be said for the Lisbeth Salander school of rape justice – Stieg Larsson’s pissed-off heroine went back to her atta【极速pk赛车10开奖直播 】cker, stunned him with a taser, and tattooed “I’【4887铁算盘资料2015年 】m a sadistic pig, a pervert and a rapist” on his belly. Personally I’d have simply scrawled that last word on his forehead, but there we go. But what if i【2020年19期新版跑狗图 】t’s you? What if you don’t want to be violent, or just can’t source a professional tattoo gun? Here’s some tips,【白小组特马网2020 】 trawled from personal experience, newspaper stories and 20 years of interviewing rapist【八问打一肖 】s and rape victims: 1. Don’t carry your keys inside your fist A set of keys makes a great knuckleduste【15期马会开奖资料 】r, but you must carry them with individual keys poking out between each finger in spikes. If you punch someone with the keys balled in your

palm, you’ll only hurt yourself【2020 61期新跑狗论坛 】. 2. Don’t bother 【白色的动物打一肖中特开 】with rape alarm【2016年四肖八码最新板 】s Firstly, anyone who hears them presumes it’s a burglar alarm and they go off so often no-one takes it seriously. Secondly, it’s at the bottom of your bag and the battery’s flat. They’re supposed to disorientate the attacker but in all likelihood you won’t get to use it. You’re better off shouting “FIRE!” – people come out of their houses for that, and they don’t for what sounds like a bust-up. Read MoreRelated ArticlesSex offender on run after holding girlfriend prisoner in wooden box for 4 months 3. Don’t fanny about Your wannabe rapist is determined to be extremely violent. You mu【赵级平码三中三 】st be the same – so use your full force behind any punch, headbutt or kick. This is not a pla

yground fight, it’s your life on the line and you have only a fe【2017_049期老版跑狗图 】w seconds where your strength is fresh. 4. Your rapist wants you to be scared You’ll stop fighting and you’ll do as you’re told. Make it plain you’re not – eyeball him, tell him what you think of him, tell him 【123新跑狗报彩图 】what his mother thinks of him. He is a weak, needy, f***ed-up individual and you are his superior in every possible way. 5. Grab and twist Even if he has a knife, even if you’re pretty drunk, even if he’s pinned you down, there is always one vulnerable spot. The problem with it is tha【规字打一肖 】t our instinct is to lift a knee i【2020彩图114图库 】nto his groin to cau

se maximum possible pain.

DO NOT DO THIS. Kneeing someone is sl【天天好彩246免费资 】ow and your rapist will see or feel it coming. He can block it easily, and then be extra angry. You need to use your hand. Reach, grab, and twist whatever you find with all of your might. It works if he’s standing up or lying down, it works behind or in front, it works if it happens in the woods or your own front room. It works if you’【彩票刷流水是骗局吗 】re sober or drunk and it works whether his trousers ar【118香港马会彩图 】e on or off. The knife is dropped, he’s whimpering in a tiny ball on the floor, and you’ve got a good 30 seconds or more to get to a streetlight, a ho【881880com王中王幺机 】use, or out of the front door. Fight 【土豪神算一肖一码168 】strong: Use your full force behind any punch, because it’s your life on the line (Image: PA) The advice is often not to struggle – it can increase the chances of being killed. And victims are often chosen because they seem smaller, weaker. Better to live, and to prosecute. Except, all too often, we don’t. You don’t want to get in a pro

per fight – we’re not all kickboxers. You just want to incapacitate him for long enough that you can get away. And those 30 seconds don’t just stop 【全年跑狗图资料 】y【正牌波色 】ou being raped. They stop

you having to be scraped out【好运伴八在打一生肖 】 by a police doctor. They stop 【六开彩13号是什么生肖 】you being told by a defence barrister that you were “asking for it”. They stop you needing time to heal. And they could very well stop him getting away with it – you’ll either be in a bet

ter state to deal with the criminal justice system, or you’ll put him right off trying to rape anyone again. B【白姐一字拆一肖 】ecause it would be nice if we could tell ourselves it will never happen to us, 【2017年马会今晚开什么 】and know it was actually true.

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